Japanese Lucky Cat Maneki Neko Thong Red Lace Panties Kawaii Lingerie Cat Underwear

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This Thong is inspired by the Maneki Neko(beckoning cat), a popular Japanese figurine which is said to bring luck to the owner. With this panty in your life, you'll be getting lucky for sure!

Not only do the look great but they FEEL great. This cat panty is made from organic cotton lined with cotton, so it’s comfortable on your ladybits all day long.

►The panty will be made on demand for you, never worn.
►Please allow 1-2 weeks for this order to be processed, due to the added printing time.

►Hand wash only.

►Available in XS-XL (sizes run similar to Victoria's Secret)

Underwear Handmade in the USA (by me :) )